Brick & Mortar Businesses are Falling Behind

While other industries are gaining access to the latest software tools to grow their businesses, brick and mortar establishments are being passed over.

It's Still Data Overload

Many industries - like airlines and hotels - use data science to recommend and automate pricing, marketing and operations. Yet brick and mortar operators still don’t have tools that give them the same advantage. Even if operators found the time, interpreting rows and rows of data is overwhelming.

Finally, Make Data Work For You

Spend more time with customers and less time rummaging through reports as data science (and machine learning) provide recommendations in brick and mortar's first prescriptive analytics tool.

Millions of Data Points Analyzed via Machine Learning

Recommendations and Financial Impact Made Transparent

Increase Revenue through Employee Patterns

Determining which employees to work on what shifts to maximize revenue is difficult. Machine learning finds behavioral patterns and determines who’s actually making and losing you money. Prescriptive analytics can objectively compare someone working Monday morning to someone working Saturday night and provide quantified recommendations that you can take to increase your top line.

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Cut Labor Expenses while Increasing Customer Service

How do school schedules, sporting events and holidays impact your business? Machine learning studies how all these events affect each, individual location and helps you spend less time guessing, and more time knowing. Using machine learning to predict your labor needs generates 20% more profit by reducing your overstaffed periods while simultaneously reducing your understaffed periods that result in poor customer service.

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Wisely Grow Your Revenues

Savvy businesses spend upwards of 10% of their gross revenues on marketing. But is the marketing working?

Instantly analyze promotions and determine their dollar impact. Data science eliminates the noise to tell you if a campaign was successful, and if you should run it again.

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